Papa Gede’s Goes Bush

Story has it that Papa Gede had gone bush. He set on an outback adventure foraging for native ingredients to bring back to his voodoo den.

Papa Gede's
New Look Papa Gede’s

During his walkabout, owners Lara Dingam, Michael Dhinse and Joshua Ng had a surprise for him upon his return.

Papa Gede's

They gave the bar a makeover, rejuvenating the intimate space with a new look, a brighter colour scheme and paint job that would make Papa Gede proud.

Papa Gede's

A shiny new olive green and crimson banquette runs along one wall replacing the lounge chairs and pews that once graced the bar.

Papa Gede's

The back bar has been given a fresh look while staying in the voodoo theme.

Papa Gede's
Josh Ng

The new cocktail list at Papa Gede’s pays homage to Australiana. The concept was to include Australian native products into the Papa Gede’s cocktail canon. You’ll find ingredients like quandong in a spitz style drink, wattleseed in orgeat and syrups, lemon myrtle aromatics and rosella syrup that tempt you to try a variety of cocktails and come back for more.

Papa Gede's
Tucker & Tang

Tucker & Tang ($17) brings an unusual flavour combination of mandarin and toasted cumin to a gin cocktail with The West Winds Cutlass, Regal Rogue Lively White Vermouth, and grapefruit along with a lemon myrtle scented napkin. It’s light and fruity with predominant grapefruit notes with a hint of cumin spice on the finish.

Papa Gede's
Holy Grail

Holy Grail ($17) combines tequila blanco shaken with Papa Gede’s Rosella and red wine citrate syrup, lemon and egg white in a fruity and zesty cocktail. Subtle agave notes play well with the excellent Rosella and red wine syrup, a combination of tangy and sour notes that create a new flavour rather the sum of its ingredients making it one of our favourites.

Papa Gede's
Samedi’s Truce

Don’t be afraid of ordering Samedi’s Truce ($18), a combination of Baron Samedi spiced rum, Guinness, condensed milk and Australian native wattleseed topped with grated nutmeg. It reads like a heavy, creamy drink but all elements are in balance. The beer flavour is upfront followed by a delicious creaminess spiked with rum and ends on a nutty coffee-like flavour from the wattleseed.

Papa Gede's

Agricola ($19) is described as “tastes like the Caribbean has kissed you on the mouth. Hard.” The combination of mango and agricole rum, pineapple, lemon juice, orgeat and balsamic has big punchy flavours, a nutty creaminess from the orgeat while the balsamic adds a savoury and refreshing note. Forget Long Island Tea, the first sip unexpectedly slaps you in the face, and leaves you yearning for more.

Papa Gede’s is open Monday to Saturday from 4 pm until midnight.

Papa Gede’s Bar
348 Kent St, Sydney NSW 2000

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