Jacoby’s Enmore

Jacoby’s, the second venue by Pasan Wijesena of Earl’s Juke Joint along with James Fury, Adrian Sanchez and Stu Ellis has opened in Enmore.

Jacoby's Enmore
Jacoby’s Enmore

Named after Dr. Jacoby, the character from David Lynch’s Twin Peaks, the intimate 60 seater bar transports you to a place far away from busy Enmore Road to a Tiki world with banana leaf wallpaper, rattan ceiling, puffer fish lights, bamboo-lined bar and Tiki insignia.

The back bar is one to marvel at, with three tiki carvings by a Tiki artist in Queensland, representing “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” each bearing a pineapple on top.

Jacoby's Enmore
Lounge Seating

There’s an intimate lounge seating reminiscent of tropical island hotel bars with a large sunset painting on one wall and velvet curtains that lead to the amenities and small kitchen.

The drinks list includes Hawaiian beer in bottles and wines listed in sunset colours but you really come to Jacoby’s for the Tiki cocktails.

Jacoby's Enmore
Pearl Diver

A list of ten classic Tiki drinks includes the Pearl Diver ($20), a Don Beachcomber classic with various rums bended with a gardenia mix, lime orange and bitters.

Jacoby's Enmore

The Romero ($25) is a take on the Zombie with 4 rums and comes with its own flamed theatrics.

Jacoby's Enmore
Tropical Itch

The Tropical Itch ($22) takes you back in time to 1950s Hawaii with bourbon, rum, dry curacao, passionfruit, lime and bitters complete with a “back scratcher” garnish.

Jacoby's Enmore
Fog Cutter

If you want to travel further back in time to the 1930s, the Fog Cutter ($20), a Tiki stalwart from that era hits the spot with a good balance of rum, gin and Oloroso sherry.

Jacoby's Enmore
Vicious Virgin #2

Tequila fans would be remiss not order the Vicious Virgin #2 ($20), a tequila-based blue drink with rum, blue curacao, lime, grapefruit and orgeat, adorned with a pretty peacock. It may be a blue drink but it is the pick of the bunch.

Jacoby's Enmore

There’s a Scorpian cocktail for two ($40), described as having “more sting than The Police”, and Puka Punch for four ($75), a take on the classic with rum, gin, yellow Chartreuse, Fassionola and Don’s Spice Mix #2.

Jacoby’s brings together an inviting venue with a well-thought fitout, great Tiki drinks, and a friendly and engaging bar team that makes you forget the world outside – and that’s escapism of the best kind.

154 Enmore Rd, Enmore
Hours: Sun-Thu 5pm-midnight; Fri, Sat 5pm-1am


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