The Ternary Bar Darling Harbour

The Ternary Bar at Novotel Darling Harbour has a new exciting offering as summer beckons.

The Ternary
The Ternary Bar

With the launch of the Bartender Signature Cocktail list, the bar has added another dimension to the classics and usual signature cocktail lists.

The Ternary
Josh Friend, Bar Supervisor

The Bartender Signatures List is the result of a cocktail competition that embraced all venues that are a part of the Accor Group across Australia. That competition came down to a final of two bartenders from each arm of the group. While there can only be one winner, it has allowed the bartenders to flex their creative muscles resulting in the Bartenders Signature list.

The Ternary
With a Cherry Blossom on Top

From bartender Hari comes With a Cherry Blossom on Top ($18), made with Jinzu gin, sake, yuzu and Cherry Heering that come together in a well-balanced drink that will satisfy those looking for a cocktail with a punch.

The Ternary
Jake Preparing His Cocktail

The wonderful bonus with the Bartender Signature Cocktail list is that you can hear the inspiration for their creations first hand.

The Ternary
Smoke on the Watermelon

From Jake comes Smoke on the Water…melon ($18) with Vida mezcal, Cointreau Noir, agave syrup and watermelon . Smooth and creamy, it has a good balance between the mezcal and agave notes with the citrus from the liqueur as well as a vibrancy from the muddled fresh watermelon and finished with freshly smoked rosemary.

The Ternary
Domo Arigato Mr Roboto

From Bar Supervisor Josh, Domo Arigato Mr Roboto ($18 ) will take you by surprise unless your Japanese is up to scratch as the ingredients are written in that language on the menu. It’s made with gin, sake, vermouth and lavender. The drink is fresh, herbaceous and sessionable with notes of basil and lavender.

The Ternary
Naan Bread with Cheese

The Naan Bread with Cheese ($7) is a tasty way to start as you decide from the dishes on offer. Soft pillowy naan bread with melted cheese will certainly set the appetite in motion.

The Ternary
Hot Smoked Salmon Betel Leaf

Hot Smoked Salmon Betel Leaf with Nam Jim Dressing and Salmon Pearls ($18) are wonderful tasty morsels of hot smoked salmon accented by the bitterness of the Betel leaf.

The Ternary
Sashimi of Hiramasa Kingfish

The Sashimi of Hiramasa Kingfish with Matcha Noodles, Pickled Olive and Mustard Leaves ($19) is a dish with vibrant flavours all round bringing together the freshness of the fish tasting of the sea, creaminess of the matcha noodles and zingy flavour from the pickled olive and mustard leaves. This is a must have dish.

The Ternary
Pork Rind Croquettes with Aioli

New to the menu is Pork Rind Croquettes with Aioli. The pork filling has a soft texture that is contrasted by the crisp tandoori skin with the Indian spice delivering a little heat. Served with aioli and crisp curry leaves.

The Ternary
Tempura Soft Shell Crab

Tempura Soft Shell Crab with Miso Eggplant Puree ($19) delivers with the crab meat inside a crispy batter atop a creamy umami miso eggplant.

The Ternary
Pulled Peppered Beef in Crispy Pastry

The Pulled Peppered Beef in Crispy Pastry with Water Chestnuts ($19) brings together tender peppered beef inside a thin crisp pastry. A dish that just melts in the mouth and is devilishly moreish.

The bar at The Ternary has moved itself from just being a hotel bar with the creativity being shown with the Bartender Signature Cocktails. The bar snacks will keep the appetite at bay but if you are feeling for something more substantial there is more to be had from the Grill and the Asian Kitchen.

The Ternary
Novotel Sydney on Darling Harbour
Level 1, 70-100 Murray St, Darling Harbour

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