Solera Bar Millers Point

Solera Bar, a new luxurious venue with a focus on boutique Champagne and bespoke cocktails is opening next week.

Solera Bar Millers Point
L-R: Scott Bayly, Roman Kristek, Ty Van Emden

Located on the street level of a historical heritage building along Hickson Road, Solera is a 100 person capacity venue that brings modern elements of design to the heritage setting through drink and food offerings.

The venue by owners Scott Bayly, Ty Van Emden and Roman Kristek is made up of two indoor spaces and an outdoor area with views facing Barangaroo. The design by Steel and Stitch (The Lobo Plantation, Chula) features velvet couches, marble bar tops, elaborate chandeliers and a blue and gold bar with 500 spirits framed by two large champagne fridges either side.

Solera Bar is the first venue in Australia to boast a built-in table cooling system, Kaelo, which takes the Champagne drinking experience to a new level.

Solera Bar Millers Point
Kingfish Ceviche with Gazpacho

The food menu by Chef Tony Gibson (formerly of Ruby and Rach, Astral) has been designed to complement the bespoke cocktails and the boutique Champagne offerings.

Solera Bar Millers Point
Prosciutto and Mozzarella Toasties

Bar bites include Kingfish ceviche with Gazpacho and Basil Oil, and Prosciutto and Mozzarella Toasties drizzled with honey.

Solera Bar Millers Point
Marian Beke of The Gibson, London

Internationally renowned bartender Marian Beke (The Gibson, London) has created the innovative cocktail list inspired by classics with a touch of local flavour. Presentation, glassware, garnish and an element of theatrics play a key part in delivering creative, well-balanced cocktails that bring the wow factor to the guest experience.

Solera Bar Millers Point
Snuff Daiquiri

The Snuff Daiquiri is a take on the classic using popular Thai flavours. Spiced rum is infused with lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves to enhance the citrus flavour, galangal is used for its gingery note, and honey water with roasted cacao and coffee play well with the rum. The drink is shaken and strained through a torched cigar to impart a light cigar smoke.

Hand chipped ice, termed Golden Ice, is “deep fried” in coconut oil and turmeric powder which coats the uneven surface of the ice and gives the drink a creamy texture and coconut favour as it melts. The glass is branded with chocolate using an ice stamp and sprayed with edible paint.

The result is a layered drink with complexity and familiar flavours. The brightness and freshness of the kaffir lime and lemongrass are at the forefront, encouraging another sip, and as the ice begins to melt, the drink develops a subtle coconut note with a creamy texture.

Solera Bar Millers Point
Herky Herky

Based on the Mint Julep, the Herky Herky is a savoury style of drink with beef jerky as a nod to the traditional Aussie steak.

The drink is built in a beautiful copper mug with beef jerky washed bourbon (refer to fat-washing here), pickled mint sauce for savoury acidity, fresh lemon juice for brightness, fresh orange juice for a marmalade note, candied mint syrup and kombucha. Eucalyptus leaves are blow-torched to activate their minty note and bring a touch of Australiana garnish the drink. The leaves are dusted with copper edible glitter, and the cocktail is finished with mint candy and a cone of beef jerky.

 Solera Bar Millers Point

Unlike many Mint Juleps which tend to be sweet, this version beautifully balances the sweet with the savoury elements. The Herky Herky is a cocktail that engages all senses. Admire the aesthetics, inhale the eucalyptus aromas, take a sip then chew on the beef jerky.

Solera Bar Millers Point
Apple of Louisiana

A cross between an Old Fashioned and a Sazerac, the Apple of Louisiana is an approachable take on the classic spirit-forward cocktail.

Solera Bar Millers Point

Laird’s Applejack is infused with toasted Australian rye. Absinthe jelly is set in half the glass which imparts absinthe flavour with a lavender note. Rock candy (boiled sugar that is dried into a lump) is flamed over the drink until it drips, adding sweet caramel notes.

Solera Bar Millers Point

The drink is stirred with ice and strained into a pipe-shaped glass and served with a shortbread cookie and shot of cider in a pineapple shot glass as a palate cleanser.

A beautifully crafted drink, The Apple of Louisiana brings together the brandy sweetness with the pepperiness of the rye in a balanced spirit-forward cocktail. About two minutes into the drink, the absinthe jelly plays its part and imparts another flavour dimension making it a fine and elegant sipper.

Solera Bar opens to the public on Friday 15 December 2017.

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Solera Bar
36 Hickson Rd
Millers Point NSW 2000
Hours: Monday – Saturday from 4pm


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