Hashima Island in Skyfall

Hashima Island

Choosing a travel experience based on James Bond movies is not an inconceivable idea. Many die-hard fans have made the trip to Koh Phi Phi island in Thailand (The Man with the Golden Gun), stayed at the Hotel Danieli in Venice (Moonraker) and visited  Villa del Balbianello on the shores of…

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Tokyo Tribute: The Gentleman from Asakusa

Tokyo Asakusa

For the first time visitor to Tokyo, the experience can be a little daunting. The city moves at a frenetic pace, overcrowding can induce a sense of claustrophobia, and Japanese signs without translation can make a foreigner feel like a lab rat trying to navigate their way out of the…

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Shinagawa Prince Hotel: A Room in Tokyo

Shinagawa Prince Hotel Tokyo

Finding hotel accommodation in Tokyo that meets a traveller’s requirements and budget can be a challenge. Tales of ‘shoe box’ sized hotel rooms abound along with soaring costs in what is considered as one of the world’s expensive cities. Our friends in Tokyo booked a hotel for us close to…

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The Spider at Roppongi Hills

If you’ve been to Roppongi Hills in Tokyo, you would have encountered the gigantic spider in Roku Roku Plaza. The ten metre bronze sculpture called Maman is the work of French artist Louise Bourgeois who passed away yesterday at age 98. Roppongi Hills is a large modern complex combining elegant…

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