Get FUIC’d in South Australia


Travellers to the fair city of Adelaide will find a good many things to be baffled by. The first thing many notice is the driving, or more to the point, the maddening inattentiveness and sheer slowness of it. Then there’s the buses that run on some strange, teutonically named concrete …

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Paradise Getaway


You take a languid stroll and claim a favourite patch of powdery sand. You lay your towel down and observe the tri-band of cobalt blue meld into jade and turquoise. Gentle waves lap the shoreline playing one of nature’s seaside symphonies. You immerse yourself in the tepid waters and emerge …

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Rubik’s on the Beach

Rubik's Cube at Maroubra Beach

It’s not often that you take a leisurely stroll along the promenade of one of Sydney’s popular surfing beaches and find a Rubik’s cube washed up on the sand. This colourful piece of art is no optical illusion. It lies on the shores of Maroubra Beach, ten kilometres south-east of …

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Three Best Kept Travel Secrets

Le Grand Café des Capucines, Paris

Akila from The Road Forks has asked me to contribute my three best kept travel secrets, a request started by Katie of Tripbase which has spread around the travel website scene faster than you can say cooee. With globalisation, mass media in all its forms and more people spreading their …

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