A Tahitian Wedding Tale


“They donned their colourful pareos and walked towards the pier at 2.30 pm. The sun shimmered over the tranquil turquoise lagoon. In the distance, thin white clouds crowned the top of Moorea’s volcanic peaks. The canoe arrived on time and took them past jagged mountains with a sharp drop to …

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Shark Feeding in Tahiti

Shark feeding

The theme from Jaws ran through my head the minute I submerged my head underwater and saw the shark approach. It slid past with such agility that it caught me off guard. My heart beat quickened. I held my breath. Suddenly my reservations resurfaced. Had I not seen every group …

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Off Track in Moorea

monkey playing piano

Just in case you get fed up with lazing on a white sandy beach admiring the clear turquoise waters on the island of Moorea in Tahiti, you can always opt for a break from the meditative tranquillity and embark on a half day Safari trip in a 4×4 wheel drive. …

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