Guidelines for Guest Posts

* * * Guest Posts are open by invitation only to individuals who are personally known to us. For advertising options, refer to the Advertise page.* * *

Guest posts on Gourmantic are available by invitation only to individuals who are personally known to us. The following are the guidelines for guest post submission:

1. Originality

Your post must be your original work and must not have been published before.

2. Exclusivity

You agree not to publish your post anywhere else (i.e., on your own blog/website or as a guest post on other blogs/websites) as this would be considered duplicate content by search engines and would penalise both sites.

3. Content

Content must be appropriate to that of Gourmantic ie travel, food, drink, restaurant reviews etc and must not be defamatory. Our approach is to be honest in our reviews. If something fails to impress us, we do not believe in giving it any publicity therefore we do not write about it. Please familiarise yourself with our content before making a submission.

4. Photographs

Your post must have at least one photograph (preferably more depending on the length of the post) which will be used in the article and on the index page. Our preference is for landscape format as they fit the layout of the website. You will grant Gourmantic the right to use of the photograph(s) while you retain the Copyright. The photos will be attributed to you eg All photos courtesy and copyright <your name>.

5. Style and Word Limit

In line with our magazine-style of articles, our preference is for the use of third person narrative and not the blog-style first person. The  word limit on the post is variable according to the topic but we prefer a minimum of 250 words to a maximum of 1000 words.

7. Links

Inactive links in urls are used in our articles eg NOT We do not permit the use of SEO’d anchor text for your links or any affiliate links.

8. Author Bio

Please provide a short bio (and avatar) to serve as a byline that will appear in the author box. The bio can be around 20 words in length. We can also add one link to your personal blog/website or Twitter/Facebook if you wish. Links are not permitted to business-related websites.

9. Social Networking

We will promote your guest post on our social media network which includes Twitter, Facebook, Google+. Please feel free to do the same on your own social media network.

10. License and Copyright

On submitting your guest post you state that you own the copyright to the text and photographs and have the right to grant a license. You retain copyrights over all text and images submitted as part of the guest post. You agree to grant Gourmantic an irrevocable, exclusive license to reproduce all text and images which comprise your guest post on We reserve the right to modify the image and text submitted as appropriate (for example, to fix spelling or grammar errors or to resize a photograph) to ensure its integration with the rest of the site. Once your guest article is posted we reserve the right not to remove it.

To reiterate, guest posts are only available by invitation to individuals who are personally known to us.


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