Grant’s Whisky Cask Editions: Ale Cask & Sherry Cask Finish

Grant’s Whisky is introducing their Cask Editions to Australia next month with two blended whiskies created by ‘finishing’ Grant’s Family Reserve in either ale or sherry casks before bottling.

Grant’s Ale Cask Finish is the only blended whisky to be finished in barrels that have previously been seasoned with Edinburgh Ale for 30 days which gives the whisky a malt sweetness and adding more richness and creaminess.

Grant’s Sherry Cask Finish is finished in Oloroso Sherry casks from Spain which impart a warm spiciness and smoothness.

Grant's Cask Editions
Grant’s Cask Editions

The aged Grant’s whisky is filled into hand-picked casks by Grant’s Malt Master, Brian Kinsman where they are left to blend for up to four months.

When put to the taste test, Grant’s Ale Cask Finish had malt characteristics with mild honey and vanilla notes. A few drops of water opened up the flavours and gave it a longer finish.  Grant’s Sherry Cask Finish had a distinct spicy character, a warm and lingering finish but lacked the smoothness and mellow character of the Ale Cask Finish.

If you enjoy blended whisky with a touch of malt, Grant’s Ale Cask Finish on ice is pleasant to drink.

Grant’s Cask Editions will be available in Australia from February 2012.


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