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Men & Martini: What His Choice of Martini Reveals About Him

This Valentine’s day, forget about waiting for him to declare his love in Paris or trying to fuel your lust with oysters. Go to your favourite bar, and ask your date to order a Martini. Because the way a man likes his martini, can reveal a lot about him.

Men & Martini

Classic Martini (gin, dry vermouth, olive or lemon twist)
He is a long term-investment and a keeper. Longevity is his forté but he tends not to be too experimental. If you like him on top most of the time, go for this true and tried classic. Satisfies every time, but don’t expect too many fireworks.

Vodka Martini, Shaken Not Stirred (vodka, dry vermouth, olive or lemon twist)
This guy has clearly watched too many James Bond movies and can recite every cheesy line. He’s fun, playful, loves being the centre of attention but he’s probably not too bright. He’ll be fun in the sack but don’t expect him to hang around. Like Bond, he’ll be moving onto his next conquest the minute you fall asleep.

Martini, Stirred Not Shaken (vodka or gin, dry vermouth, olive or lemon twist)
This man is a martini geek, a connoisseur who has experimented with all kinds. Check his bedside drawer in case what he keeps is not to your liking. He has inherent nerdy tendencies but being methodical in his approach, he’s guaranteed to get you there in the end.

Vesper Martini (Gordon’s gin, vodka, Lillet, lemon twist)
This guy has good attention to detail but can be a bit of a control freak. He knows what he likes, what he wants and how to get it from you. If you like a dominant man with a side of adventure that will knock you out, go for it. He probably keeps a pair of handcuffs under his pillow. Not the fluffy kind.

Appletini/Lychee/Pomegranate/Fruit Martini
Make up an excuse and run.

Dirty Martini (gin, dry vermouth, olive brine, green olive)
This man either likes it a little on the dirty side or he’s just trying too hard to impress. Watch what he does with his olive. And if he eats it first.

Smoky Martini (gin, splash of Islay whisky)
Smooth and suave, this man exudes class and sophistication. A good conversationalist who puts anyone at ease, he is known to be a cunning linguist. When it comes to this man, it is all about taste.

The Manhattan (bourbon, vermouth, bitters)
With the Manhattan being a close relative of the martini, this man is an impostor. Watch out for signs of a significant other on his phone or check his wallet. A medicare card with 3 names should be ample proof.

Espresso Martini (vodka, shot espresso coffee, crème de cacao/kahlua)
This guy is non-committal and has low attention span. Fast and furious, he can please on demand but it’ll be over like a shot. Don’t expect any words to be exchanged afterwards. He’ll be zipping up his frayed low-rise jeans on his way out the door.

The XXX (a Martini you haven’t heard of before)
He leaves it up to the bartender who concocts a fine martini using premium spirits, adds a few drops of bitters or makes a nitro-chilled martini with impressive theatrics. Take a sip of your man’s drink while making eyes at the bartender. Smile from behind the glass, but don’t give away what popped into your head. Order one for yourself, and slip the bartender your number on the way out.

And have a Happy Valentine’s Day.


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