Taste of Sydney 2012: Chefs, Restaurants and Tasting Menu

Taste of Sydney kicked off on Friday 9 March 2012 under blue skies and warmer temperatures after a wet start which forced the cancellation of the opening night. The event which takes place in the Brazilian Fields of Centennial Park is a degustation of some of the best Sydney has to offer in food and drink.

Taste of Sydney 2012 (45)
Taste of Sydney 2012

Fourteen restaurants participated in the annual event and for the first time, sustainable pop-up restaurants presented their dishes on different days. “Icon dishes” also debuted this year, made in limited quantities and sold on a first come and first served basis. Like previous years, crowns ($1 = 1 crown) were used as currency. Dishes ranged from $8 to $12 and up to $32 for icon dishes.

Flying Fish with Chef Peter Kuruvita

Taste of Sydney 2012 (19)
Chef Peter Kuruvita

Taste of Sydney 2012 (22)
Prawns served with okra sambal

Taste of Sydney 2012 (21)
Seared Petuna ocean trout with ginger, chilli, shallot sauce, served with carrot sambal & basmati rice

Taste of Sydney 2012 (20)
Laveria: Fresh coconut & palm treacle pancake with cardamom ice cream

Quarter Twenty One with Chef Justin North

Taste of Sydney 2012 (37)
Chef Justin North at the Taste of Sydney Quarter Twenty One Cookery School

Taste of Sydney 2012 (35)
Fried Hawkesbury School Prawns, Prosciutto and Rouille

Taste of Sydney 2012 (34)
Slow Cooked and Caramelised Short Rib with Bone Marrow Persillade

Taste of Sydney 2012 (36)
One Hokey Pokey Ice Cream Sandwich

The Montpellier Public House with Chef Matthew Kemp

Taste of Sydney 2012 (29)
Chef Matt Kemp

Taste of Sydney 2012 (30)
Crisp Brisket of Pasture Fred Beef with Creamed Wild Mushrooms

Taste of Sydney 2012 (31)
Braised Shoulder of Lamb with Polenta and Green Sauce

Taste of Sydney 2012 (46)
Pepe Saya Buttermilk and Vanilla Panna Cotta with Poached Fruits

Efendy with Chef Somer Sivrioglu

Taste of Sydney 2012 (14)
Fouad Kassab (thefoodblog.com) and Chef Somer Sivrioglu (right)

Taste of Sydney 2012 (15)
Kadayif wrapped king prawns, walnut capsicum muhammara

Taste of Sydney 2012 (17)

Taste of Sydney 2012 (16)
Traditional charcoal BBQ lamb and veal kebab, smoked eggplant and Chobani Greek yoghurt (voted best dish at the festival)

Taste of Sydney 2012 (13)
Pistachio dessert trio of traditional Baklava, Dolma and Kadayif

Saké Restaurant & Bar with Chef Shaun Presland

Taste of Sydney 2012 (23)
Chef Shaun Presland

Taste of Sydney 2012 (25)
Hiramasa Kingfish Ceviche

Taste of Sydney 2012 (24)

Hiramasa Kingfish Double Crunch Sushi Roll

Four In Hand with Chef Colin Fassnidge

Taste of Sydney 2012 (33)
Chef Colin Fassnidge

Taste of Sydney 2012 (28)
Smoked Salmon, Chorizo and Mozzarella Croquette

Taste of Sydney 2012 (27)
Licorice Braised Beef Brisket with Carrot and Cherry Purée

Taste of Sydney 2012 (26)
Roast Suckling Pig, Coleslaw, Onion Rings and Hot Sauce

L’etoile with Chef Manu Feildel

Taste of Sydney 2012 (41)
Chef Manu Feildel

Taste of Sydney 2012 (2)
Chilled Cauliflower Soup with Blue Cheese Crème

Taste of Sydney 2012 (1)
Apple and Cinnamon Donuts

A Tavola with Chef Eugenio Maiale

Taste of Sydney 2012 (7)
Wild mushroom, potato and truffle fritters with tarragon mayonnaise

Taste of Sydney 2012 (6)
Traditional house made casareccia pasta with slow cooked veal, pork and chicken ragu

Taste of Sydney 2012 (5)
Amedei gianduia chocolate crema, salty caramel gelato, Italian meringue

Ormeggio at the Spit & Spiedo with Chef Alessandro Pavoni

Taste of Sydney 2012 (47)
Deep fried fontina cheese in buckwheat batter

Taste of Sydney 2012 (48)
Smoked veal rump, vegetable ash and radish

Longrain Restaurant & Bar with Chef Martin Boetz

Taste of Sydney 2012 (4)
Yellow curry of lamb with cucumber relish

Taste of Sydney 2012 (3)
Watermelon, young coconut & tapioca

Charlie & Co with Chef Justin North

Taste of Sydney 2012 (18)
Charlie & Co

Taste of Sydney 2012 (44)
The Dog: Miniature artisan frankfurter chilli dog

Taste of Sydney 2012 (43)
The Burger: Charlie wagyu beef & cheese slider

Taste of Sydney 2012 (42)
The Quesadilla: Spicy bean, cheese and jalapeno quesadilla

The Veggie Patch with Chefs Georgie Swift, Milenka Osen, Karl Cooney

Sustainable Pop-Up restaurant on Saturday

Taste of Sydney 2012 (39)
Eggplant involtini stuffed with herbed almond cream and served with pomegranate and fig tapenade

Taste of Sydney 2012 (40)
Zucchini fritter sliders with beetroot and horseradish relish, toasted cherry tomatoes, cumin, mayonnaise and coriander

Taste of Sydney 2012 (38)
Vegan chocolate mousse with whipped coconut cream and passionfruit matched with the Nespresso Volluto grand cru

Agapé Organic Restaurant and Bar with Chef Simon Lawson

Taste of Sydney 2012 (12)
Roasted Rosnay figs stuffed with quark, pecorino, and mozzarella, apple balsamic, popped quinoa and basil

Taste of Sydney 2012 (11)
Prawn dish

Taste of Sydney 2012 (10)
Slow roated Berkshire pork Scotch fillet, rosemary, fennel, apple, sage, polenta and salsa verder

Taste of Sydney 2012 (8)
Chocolate and spelt brownie, almond paline, vanilla cream and chocolate sauce, matched with the Nespresso Volluto grand cru

Taste of Sydney 2012 (9)
Gundooee Wagyu sirloi, slow braised brisket, honey roasted carrots, royal black quinoa and truffle butter

Other restaurants which participated in Taste of Sydney 2012 are The Cut Bar and Grill (Chef James Privett,  Otto Ristorante and Bar (Chef Richard Ptacnik), and Three Blue Ducks (Chefs Darren Robertson, Mark Labrooy, Shannon Debreceny) as the sustainable pop-up restaurant on Friday night.

With our sincerest gratitude to all the chefs and their teams for their time and hospitality.

~ ~ ~

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Gourmantic attended Taste of Sydney as media guests.


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  4. This event looks amazing…very well presented! I hope I can visit it maybe next year…

  5. What fun.How did you decide where and what to eat- it all looks fabulous!

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