Drambuie 15 & The Royal Legacy of 1745

Drambuie launched Drambuie 15 and the exclusive Royal Legacy of 1745 into the Australian market at the Den, Ivy.

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Drambuie 15 

Drambuie is a blend of Scotch whisky, sugar syrup flavoured with heather honey and a secret recipe of herbs and spices that dates back to 1745 in Scotland. They make their own blended whisky from Speyside, the purpose of which is solely to marry it with the other ingredients.

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L to R:  The Royal Legacy of 1745, Drambuie 15, Drambuie Original

Drambuie Original (40% ABV) is made with blended whisky base using 4 to 7 year old grain whiskies and 5 to 17 year old malt whiskies. The liqueur was re-invented in 2009 and marketed towards younger palates. Drambuie 15 and The Royal Legacy of 1745 were created to appeal to the astute drinkers and malt whisky experimenters.

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Jonathan Brown, Director of Drambuie Ltd

At a private tasting, Jonathan Brown, Director of Drambuie Ltd, told Gourmantic that with Drambuie 15, the aim was to bring out the whisky credentials of the liqueur and create something less sweet and more whisky that can also be used in cocktails and mixed drinks.

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Drambuie 15

For Drambuie 15 (43% ABV), a vatted whisky base is used, the youngest being 15 years old, and blended with the herbs and spices recipes “in an utterly divine way”, Jonathan said. The whiskies all come from Speyside, a region in Scotland known for sweet and floral characteristics of its whisky. Drambuie 15 is two thirds less sweet than Drambuie Original but still qualifies as a liqueur. Stronger in alcohol but less sweet on the nose, the result is a lot dryer with the initial Drambuie on the palate which lingers then fades away to reveal the Speyside whisky flavour.

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The Royal Legacy of 1745

The Royal Legacy of 1745 (46% ABV) is a limited edition with only 2250 bottles produced. Made of a vatted malt base using 5-18 year old whiskies, it is blended with the elixir base and aged in ex-Bourbon casks for 6 months. Drambuie call it a “cask-infused whisky liqueur”. It has subtle oak and vanilla on the nose, smooth on the tongue with lingering spices, and citrus top notes.

Both can be enjoyed neat or over ice.

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The Jacobite Collection

The well-guarded Jacobite Collection was on display, a premium whisky liqueur made from one barrel of 45 year old blended malt whisky. Only 150 bottles are produced retailing at $4,999.

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Guests at the Ivy Den enjoyed tasty canapés and a selection of Drambuie cocktails including the classic Rusty Nail, the Libertine with a citrus bite, the Plum Evelyn with cranberry juice, muddled plums, rose syrup and smoky tequila and Míle Fáilte, a Tiki-style and well-balanced cocktail with muddled pineapple and a good kick of chilli.

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L to R:  Míle Fáilte, Libertine, Drambuie and Ginger Beer

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Plum Evelyn

Matt Thurlow (Senior Brand Manager), Michael Kennedy (Regional Director), Jonathan Brown (Director of Drambuie Ltd)

Drambuie 15 retails at $84.99 (RRP) for 700ml and The Royal Legacy of 1745 retails at $199.99 (RRP) for 700ml. The latter will also be available travel retail stores.

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The Drambuie 15 launch was held at the Den, Ivy on Monday 19 March 2012. Gourmantic attended the launch as media guests.


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