Devil’s Cut by Jim Beam

Jim Beam has launched its latest brand Devil’s Cut into the Australian market, a premium spirit that uses a unique process to create a 90 proof bourbon.

The Devil’s Cut
Devil’s Cut by Jim Beam

Devil’s Cut plays on the concept of the “Angel’s Share”, which is the portion of alcohol lost to evaporation during the distillation process. After bourbon is aged in barrels and the liquid is emptied, a certain amount of whiskey remains trapped within the oak. Using a proprietary process, that liquid is extracted and blended with a six year old Jim Beam bourbon to create the Devil’s Cut.

At 45% ABV, the Devil’s Cut is wickedly good. With deep, dark flavours and aromas combined with the high alcohol content, the spirit has notes of oak, vanilla and a little honey sweetness from the charred oak barrel. The result is a bourbon that you can sip neat if you dare, or use in a variety of cocktails.

The Devil’s Cut
Jared Plummer, Brand Ambassador

At the Devil’s Cut media launch presented by brand Ambassador Jared Plummer at Eau-de-Vie bar (EDV), guests enjoyed an intimate tasting of the Devil’s Cut neat. Three cocktails (recipes below) matched to EDV canapés showcased the versatility of the bourbon in mixed drinks.

The easy to drink Devil’s Cut Punch, made with rum, pineapple juice, grapefruit, agave, bitters and ginger beer was paired with Swordfish Tartare with Ginger-infused pineapple and house made Devil’s Cut hot sauce.

The Devil’s Cut
Luke Redington with The Devil’s Cut Punch

The Devil’s Fizz, with White Crème de Cacao, raspberry, white grapefruit and egg white topped with soda water and garnished with grated nutmeg appeals to those who like their drink on the sweet side. The cocktail was matched with a delicious canapé of Eau-de-Vie’s Juniper spiced duck liver parfait on toasted brioche with Devil’s Cut poached peaches.

The Devil’s Cut
L: Devil’s Cut Punch with Swordfish Tartare canapé; R top: duck liver parfait, R bottom: Panna cotta with Cherry Whiskey Shrub

Rounding off the evening, the Cherry Whiskey Shrub with Spiced Cherry Shrub and bitters proved a great accompaniment to the honey and malt panna cotta with Oloroso-infused sour cherries.

The Devil’s Cut
Max Greco with the Cherry Whiskey Shrub and panna cotta

Devil's Cut
Devil’s Cut – Devil’s Fizz

Devil’s Cut Punch Devil’s Fizz Cherry Whiskey Shrub
50mls Devil’s Cut
10mls Cruzan Single Barrel Rum
60mls Pineapple juice
15mls White Grapefruit
15mls Crawley’s Agave
3 Dashes of Creole Bitter Truth
Splash of Ginger Beer
Method: Shake all except ginger beer
and pour into a highball over ice.
Garnish: Mint sprig & white grapefruit
45mls Devil’s Cut
15mls Bols White Crème de Cacao
15mls Crawleys Raspberry
40mls White Grapefruit
Egg white
Soda water
Method: Shake all except soda
water. Strain into a well chilled
highball glass. Top with soda.
Garnish: Grated nutmeg
50mls Devil’s Cut
20mls Spiced Cherry Shrub
2 dashes of Angostura Bitters
Method: Build and stir with ice
Garnish: Orange peel

 Cocktail Recipes

The Devil’s Cut
Eau-de-Vie Bar

Devil’s Cut is part of Jim Beam’s latest promotion, The Vegas Job, which will have one lucky person and five friends fly to Las Vegas to perform a series of stunts to retrieve the stolen Jim Beam recipe and win up to $50,000. Details from http://www.facebook.com/JimBeamAustralia.

Devil’s Cut is available from liquor stores at $49.99 RRP.


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