Three Winos and a Fishtale

Three Winos and a Fishtale returned for the fourth year with a trade and media event showcasing premium champagnes and wines from France, Australia, New Zealand and Italy in conjunction with sustainable seafood from Australia and New Zealand.

Hosted by Combined Wines, Fishtales, World Wine Estates and Winestock, the one day event offered guests the opportunity to taste and learn about sustainable seafood while chatting with the catchers and growers. With 250 wines on taste, winemakers and suppliers showcased their range and guided guests through the tastings.

3 Winos and a Fishtale
SS Fishtails at Three Winos and a Fishtale

Four masterclasses were hosted on the day including Rosé – Pearls and Pink Fish and Shellfish and the 3 S’s – Sancerre, Semillon and Shampoo by Mike Bennie and John Susman.

Karat Caviar is a Russian Osetra produced by Caviar Galilee uses The caviar is obtained from fish that is 10 to 11 years old using traditional Russian methods and modern sustainable practices. The roe obtained from each fissh is packed separately to maintain the purity of taste. Its uniqueness lies in its dark colour, tiny size and robust flavour which is salty with a fishy taste.

Yarra Valley Caviar showcased both their classic salmon caviar and the First Milked caviar which we reviewed recently. The latter is obtained from fish that have never been milked before and give the caviar a fresh, clean flavour with soft, plump roe that pops in the mouth.

Cloudy Bay Clams are sustainably harvested wild in New Zealand and come in four varieties: Diamond Shell, Tua Tua, Storm Clam and Moon Shell. Purged of sand and quickly blanched, the clams can be eaten as they are or warmed. Fresh, creamy, sweet with a clean flavour, these were by far the standout product of the event.

3 Winos and a Fishtale
Clockwise from top left: Caviar Karat, Whisperers Oysters, Spanner Crab Noosa, Cloudy Bay Clams, Bincho Albacore Tuna, Shark Bay Seafoods

Shark Bay Seafoods come from the deep waters of Western Australia, from 200m out to 1000m deep. Specialising in frozen seafood which is packed at sea, it is rarely seen in Australia as it is destined for export. The deep waters ensure the seafood has a high fat and sugar content which give it an ultra sweet flavour. Products include the honey bug/white-tailed bug which is similar to the Balmain bug but sweeter, scampi and carid prawns which are tiny, deep water prawns, with a hook on the back. The female has visible roe and the prawns are very sweet with a strong flavour, similar to those found in the northern hemisphere near the arctic circle.

3 Winos and a Fishtale
Clockwise from top left: Andrew Puglisi/Kinkawooka Mussels, Isaac/Cloudy Bay Clams, Daniel Abou-Chedid/Fork ‘n’ Knife, Pepe Saya/Pepe Saya Butter and Agata/Brasserie Bread

Cone Bay Ocean Barramundi is the only ocean raised Barramundi and comes from an archipelago in the far North West of Australia. Sustainable and available all year round, the fish has a fleshy texture and a marked sweetness.

Other produce include Bincho Albacore tuna from Mooloolaba, Whisperers Oysters from Lemon Tree Passage in Port Stevens, Kinkawooka Live Pot Ready Mussels from South Australia which we recently reviewed and the sweetest crab meat from Spanner Crabs Noosa.

3 Winos and a Fishtale
Seafood Paella by Daniel Abou-Chedid/Fork ‘n’ Knife

Brasserie Bread and Pepe Saya showcased their delicious bread and butter and Daniel of Fork ‘n’ Knife prepared a delicious seafood paella for lunch.

3 Winos and a Fishtale
Medhurst Wines and Champagne Laurent Perrier

Various local and international wines were on taste including those which were paired with food for the masterclasses. With Champagne Laurent Perrier celebrating 200 years in 2012, it was apt to conclude the event with a tasting of their champagnes.

NV Laurent Perrier Ultra Brut is a bone dry, aperitif style champagne with zero dosage made from 55% Pinot Noir and 45% Chardonnay. NV Laurent Perrier is more food friendly and easy sipping on its own. The 2002 vintage has similar light and fresh characteristics to other champagne houses of the same year such as the Moet 2002 while Le Grand Siècle, a prestige cuvée made from a blend of seven different grands crus years, is a more complex and textural wine that complements refined dishes.

Three Winos and a Fishtale was held at Doltone House in Pyrmont on Monday 6 August 2012. Gourmantic attended the event as a media guest.

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