Ricard & Pétanque: A Taste of the South of France

Think of the south of France and the classic tableau of open lavender fields bathed in the Provençal sun springs to mind. Another common scene is a group of men gathered outdoors, sipping on Ricard while playing a game of pétanque.


In Sydney, Ricard brand ambassador, Ben Taouss, is holding the first Annual Bartender Pétanque Smackdown tournament at Gazebo Wine Garden in Elizabeth Bay. The competition kicked off on 20 January with Ricard drinks and games of pétanque played in teams of two.  The final is to be held this Sunday 10th February 2013 at 3.00pm and promises to be a fun-filled afternoon of bartenders showing off their ball throwing skills.


Pétanque is usually played on dirt or gravel by throwing metallic balls with the aim of getting as close as  possible to a small ball called a cochonnet.

Ricard & Petanque
L-R: Ben Davidson (Signé Spirits Ambassador, Pernod-Ricard) and Ben Taouss (Ricard Brand Ambassador)

Ricard is a pastis from Marseille, an anise-flavoured spirit enjoyed as an apéritif. Add chilled water to the spirit in the ratio of 1:5 (Ricard: water), add ice et voilà! You have a cool and refreshing drink on hot summer days with a taste that takes you back to the South of France.

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