Effen Vodka

Effen Vodka launched in Sydney this week at an intimate event held at the Gilt Lounge of Sydney’s QT Hotel.

Brand Manager, Cheryl Tang, introduced the Dutch Vodka which was served in a range of cocktails created by Jason Crawley of The Simple Syrup Co.

Effen means smooth in Dutch and Effen Vodka (40% ABV) is made in Northern Holland from wheat. The spirit is said to be distilled hundreds of times through a process called “continuous rectification” where the liquid circulates inside large stainless steel columns before it is filtered five times and to create a smooth vodka. It has a medium viscosity, with a clean, fresh taste with notes of vanilla, toffee, chocolate, a little pepper with a mild burn on the finish.

Effen Vodka with Swaffle (L) & Sea Salt Watermelon Martini (R)
Sea Salt Watermelon Martini
Flat Tonic and Grapefruit Cobbler
Olive Oil and Choc-Orange Ramos Fizz
Bartender at Gilt Lounge, QT Hotel
Effen Vodka Martini
Cheryl Tang and Jason Crawley
Jason Crawley
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Guests were welcomed with a Swaffle, a traditional Dutch drink which is a version of vodka lime and soda with white cacao syrup, an ingredient that picks up on the sweet character of the vodka. A crisp and fresh Sea Salt Watermelon Martini followed, made with Effen Vodka, chunks of fresh watermelon and Sea Salt Watermelon Syrup served in a salted rim glass.

The Flat Tonic and Grapefruit Cobbler had Effen vodka, sugar syrup, grapefruit bitters and Flat Kirks Tonic Water, where a flat tonic highlights the flavour of the quinine. The last cocktail was the Olive Oil and Choc-Orange Ramos Fizz, a more complex drink made with Effen Vodka, fresh orange juice, egg white, orange blossom water, full cream chocolate milk, orange infused olive oil, burnt orange and vanilla syrup topped with Fanta.

Effen Vodka is designed by bartenders for bartenders in mind and wears a white polymer sleeve on the bottle which keeps the liquid cold and makes it easy to grip when wet.

Effen Vodka is available at leading bars, clubs and restaurants including Black Penny, The Woolshed, 161 Restaurant, The Basement and QT Sydney.

The Effen Vodka launch was held on Monday 24 June 2013.


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