Moutai Store Opens in Sydney

Relax, sip and say, Ganbei. China’s most loved prestigious spirit Kweichou Moutai launched its first Australian store along Sussex St in the heart of Sydney’s Chinatown.

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Photos by Ed Sullivan for Gourmantic

Red carpet, big bouquets of traditional best wishes flower stands were lined up at the entrance door. Smiling staff, some in traditional Chinese dress welcomed guests to the stylish store. Empty bottles of Moutai were used as ceiling and drop lights, adding ambiance and dramatic lighting as guests stepped inside to meet the world’s most mysterious spirit.

Dating back to the 135 B.C. China, Moutai takes it name from the village in the Guizhou province in China, one that sits at 400m above sea level surrounded by mountain terrain. The spirit is made with organic sorghum and wheat and harvested according to the Chinese Lunar Calendar. The production process takes five years during which it is distilled 9 times and aged in clay pots – its taste is truly unique.

Three expressions of the Moutai spirits were on taste, matched with popular Chinese dishes.

Moutai Prince (53% ABV) is a fresher, lighter and more delicate variation with notes of fresh and sweet aroma of apple and pear ($75 AUD).

Moutai Flying Fairy (43% ABV) has a distinctive sorghum sauce flavour, a complex taste and mellow body. Also available in 53% and 38% ABV ($165 AUD).

Moutai Shenzhou (53% ABV) is sweeter in comparison, specially created to commemorate the successful launch of Shenzhou Manned Spacecraft to the moon ($118 AUD).

The opening of the Moutai store gives Sydney-siders a chance to learn and experience an important element of Chinese culture. The luxury spirit, ranging from $70 to over $5,000 a bottle pairs well with Chinese food and is also found in the best Chinese restaurants.

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Moutai Store
Shop 2, 398 Sussex St
Sydney NSW
Hours: daily 11 am – 7 pm
Ph: 9212 2288


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