Dimple Golden Selection

From Cameron Bridge Distillery, comes Dimple Golden Selection, a new no age statement expression by Master Blender Chris Clark. The latest release from Scotland’s oldest distillery where the Haig family have been distilling Scotland’s blended whisky for over 150 years is designed to have a similar flavour profile to Dimple 15 year old.

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Dimple Golden Selection

Mention the name Dimple and many are likely to remember the iconic bottle of Dimple Blended Scotch Whisky in their parents’ liquor cabinet. The bottle’s characteristic shape was patented in 1890 when the brand launched and was called The Dimple Pinch in the United States as if the bottle had been “pinched” during manufacture.

The bottle was designed so that it could survive long voyages because as opposed to round bottles which would actually bounce around and bump into each other, along with the rainbow wiring mesh on the outside. Today, it is just for show but the tradition remains.

Dimple Golden Selection (40% ABV) is made from a combination of malt and grain whiskies selected at the peak of their maturation. According to National Brand Ambassador Sean Baxter, Master Blender, Chris Clark has revealed that Glenkinchie, a Lowlands style of whisky is the signature single malt that goes into this Dimple Golden Selection which gives it its its light and bright character with honey flavours, mocha, mango and macadamia.

The blended whisky is light amber and golden in colour and its flavour profile is all about soft honey and butterscotch found in both the Highlands and the Lowlands along with ripe stone fruits and hints of macadamia, spice and mocha. The character is very sweet and lends itself to an after dinner style of whisky particularly when accompanied by dark chocolate, desserts and cheese.

Dimple Golden Selection will be available at RRP $69.99 AUD.

Dimple Golden Selection was tasted at the Diageo Whisky Club launch.

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