Causes & Cures Vermouth

Vermouth is a a key ingredient in many cocktails and an essential part of a home cocktail bar. Causes & Cures Vermouth is an Australian craft spirit hailing from the Yarra Valley in Victoria.

Causes and Cures Vermouth
Causes and Cures Vermouth

Causes & Cures Semi Dry White Vermouth (ABV 17%) is made from hand-picked biodynamic viognier grapes  fermented in French casks. Botanicals of wormwood, juniper, gentian, bay leaf, cinchona and Seville orange are macerated separately and then blended in with the wine. Enjoy it in cocktails, a martini with a dash of bitters or in a spritzer style of drink, topped with soda water and garnished with an orange wedge.

Causes & Cures Semi Sweet Red Vermouth (ABV 18%) is produced in the same manner using biodynamic Sangiovese grapes. It is infused with spices and botanicals that include cinnamon, wormwood, angelica, gentian, bay leaf, cinchona with small amounts of lemon and Seville orange. Use it in a Negroni made with an Australian Gin and a slice of orange.

Causes and Cures vermouth is available in 500 ml bottles at RRP $40 AUD each.


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