Salaryman, Surry Hills

When you go to Salaryman in Surry Hills, you would not to want to sit on the high back comfortable stools around the open kitchen. The sights smells and sounds will make you want to order the entire menu.

Salaryman, Surry Hills
Salaryman, Surry Hills

Salaryman is a relative newcomer to the Sydney dining scene. Located along Albion Street near Chur Burger and Bar Surry Hills, the sleek venue has an upmarket feel with polished concrete floors, dripping wall art mural and a bar near the entrance.

The drinks list includes sake, organic wines, beer and cider as well house cocktails such as Celeryman (gin, mint, lemon, celery syrup, house bitters) and classics such as a Barrel Aged Martinez.

The kitchen team is headed up by executive chef Stephen Seckold (ex Flying Fish) and the menu is divided into Treats, Bowls, Charcoal and Sweets. It is designed to be shared but with none of that awkwardness over who gets the last odd piece on the plate.

Salaryman, Surry Hills

Kingfish with Saikyo Miso and Macadamia ($21) bursts with freshness while the sweet and umami notes from the miso sauce elevate the dish to another level.

Salaryman, Surry Hills
Torched Honey Bug Nigiri, Avocado, White Soy

The bite sized Torched Honey Bug Nigiri with Avocado and White Soy ($15 for 2) are simply a delight. Lift the shell, pick it up by the nori sheet and bite into the sweet and creamy flesh.

Salaryman, Surry Hills
Pork and Pippie Ramen

The ramen choice includes Pork and Pippie Ramen ($20) made with pork and chicken broth, chashu pork, wood fired pippies, burnt garlic and sesame oil, spring onion and pickled egg. The dish starts a little on the fatty side until you mix all the ingredients and savour the rich dark broth, the flavour of the braised pork, the noodles with good bite and pick the delightful charcoal cooked pippies from their shell.

The dish is available in half a serve ($17) in case you want to order more items off the menu.

Salaryman, Surry Hills
Lamb Belly

New to the menu, the Lamb Belly with garlic, yuzu kosho and black vinegar ($27) melts like butter in the mouth with a creamy unctuousness while the black vinegar adding balance and a touch of acidity.

Salaryman, Surry Hills
Bone Marrow

Watching the precision with which the chefs work prepare the dishes can only lead to temptation of ordering the Bone Marrow ($25). It arrives slick and unctuous, topped with a thin slice of duck ham which cooks from the heat, mushroom and miso with fried sweet milk bread to mop up the delicious drippings.

Salaryman hits the right notes with inventive dishes, good flavours and quality produce along with friendly and knowledgeable service. The dishes come out fast, and that is testament to the clockwork precision in the kitchen. Whether you go as a couple or with friends, you’ll be back to try more dishes of the menu.

52-54 Albion St, Surry Hills NSW 2010


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