Top 10 New Sydney Restaurants 2016

Sydney continues to excite with the opening of creative and restaurants that deliver so well on the total experience.

Here are the top 10 new Sydney restaurants of 2016 presented in no particular order.

1. Restaurant Hubert

Top 10 New Sydney Restaurants 2016

Restaurant Hubert for delivering a total dining experience that transports you to Paris like no other. Read our review of Restaurant Hubert here.

2. Bouche on Bridge

Bouche on Bridge Sydney

Bouche on Bridge for imaginative food that that may seem simple but does not ever take the easy way out. Read our review of Bouche on Bridge here.

3. Automata


Automata for continuing to woo the palate with creative dishes and flavour combinations. Read our review of Automata here.

4. Norsk Dor

Norsk Dor, Sydney

Norsk Dor for introducing the flavours of Scandinavia with imagination. Read our review of Norsk Dor here.

5. Anason

Anason, Barangaroo

Anason for the delights and authentic flavours of Turkey that transport you to the banks of the Bosphorus. Read our review of Anason here.

6. Sugarcane

Sugarcane Coogee

Sugarcane for bringing big bold Asian flavours beachside and elevating the dining scene in Coogee Beach. Read our review of Sugarcane here.

7. Long Chim

Cocktails Long Chim Sydney

Long Chim for its big and bold street food in a street setting. Read our feature on Long Chim here and here.

8. Mekong

Mekong Chippendale

Mekong for a flavoursome and inspired ride down its eponymous river. Read our review of Mekong here.

9. Lucky Suzie

Lazy Suzie, Darlinghurst

Lucky Suzie for vibrant dishes of Malyasian hawker food and cocktails to match. Read our review of Lucky Suzie here.

10. Big Poppa’s

Big Poppa’s Darlinghurst

Big Poppa’s for bringing in classy late night dining with cheese, Italian, hip hop until 3am. Read our review of Big Poppa’s here.

Honorary Mention: The Plant Gallery

The Plant Gallery, Bondi

The Plant Gallery for delivering big flavours that showcase raw vegan cuisine with Peruvian influence.

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